Pet Health

Bayside Animal Medical Center’s first priority is to maintain the health of our patients.  The most effective means to accomplish that is a thorough wellness program which includes:

  • Annual Exams –  Our appointments are twice as long as the industry standard to ensure that each patient receives a thorough exam by our veterinarians.  Catching potential issues early is critical to ensuring that your cherished pet has a long, active life.  It’s also more cost effective since treating problems is more expensive than preventing them.
  • Vaccines – Bayside’s staff will work with you to develop the best vaccine regimen for your pet.  While only a rabies vaccine is required by law, your pet should be protected by vaccination from prevalent diseases in our region.  Bayside’s vaccines are safe and effective.
  • Vector and Parasite Protection – Vectors, such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, carry harmful parasites and disease that can make your pet sick and sometimes result in death.  The clinic provides a complete offering of flea and tick protection and heartworm preventative.  Not only are Bayside’s prices competitive with online retailers, but also Bayside has the manufacturer’s guarantee.  If your pet is infected by a parasite or has an adverse reaction while on the medication, we will treat your pet at the manufacturer’s expense.
  • Diagnostic Testing – Your pet can’t tell you how it feels and animals naturally hide pain as part of their survival instinct.  Diagnostic testing, particularly as pets get older, is important to ensure that there are not underlying issues that can negatively effect your pet’s health and well being.  Bayside has full reference lab and in-house diagnostic capabilities to identify potential issues.

To learn more about critical aspects of your pet’s health, refer to our Pet Health library.  As a client of Bayside, you can always call and speak with one of our veterinarians about your pet’s care.