Exotic Pet Veterinary Care

Dr. Buchanan, Dr. DeLozier, and Dr. Beigel are licensed veterinarians that have extensive experience in exotic pet veterinary care. Bayside offers care for a variety of exotic animals including avian species, rabbits, most small mammals, and non-venomous reptiles. We understand the value of preventative medicine for the well-being and longevity of your exotic pet, and provide guidance on proper husbandry and care, behavioral counseling, nutritional advice, and well-pet laboratory testing. Examinations, diagnostic testing, and surgery are performed at our facilities. Most importantly, Bayside ensures a gentle approach to minimize stress to your pet during each visit. Please call us with your exotic pet questions.

Exotic Pet Veterinary Care includes:

  • Preventive medicine
  • Husbandry and care consultation
  • Sugar glider neuters
  • Rabbit spays and neuters
  • Guinea pig neuters


Rabbits | Guinea pigs and other rodents | Sugar gliders | Non-venomous snakes | Birds | Reptiles | Hedge hogs | Ferrets | Amphibians