Client Communication

Bayside has several options to stay connected and access your pet’s vaccine records, prescriptions, and appointments. The following options have real-time information and allow you to request appointments and prescription refills. is designed for use on your computer. Each client should receive an invitation to join If you have not received an invitation, email with your name and appropriate email and we will contact support with the appropriate information to have a new invitation sent.

Pet Health Network Pro

Pet Health Network is our mobile app and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, text the clinic at 410.844.8121 and request an activation code. We will text you a code and you can register. Or you can “connect using customer information”. Enter our clinic name and your mobile number in our records. This only works if the mobile number matches our records.

Text Bayside at 410.844.8121

If you have a quick question or request, try texting us at 410.844.8121. Our team members will get back to you shortly with assistance during business hours. If you text “start” you will also receive appointment reminders via text.

Online Store

Bayside now has a complete online store where you can order flea, tick and heartworm protection, food, and prescriptions. Just click here to visit the store and take advantage discounts, shipping direct to your home, and auto-ship features.