Yelp Review December 2017

March 21, 2018

Melanie C. - December 2017


I can not speak highly enough of Dr. Steinberg and Bayside Animal Medical Center. My dachshund had a horrible skin condition-after taking him to three vets who all just pronounced it as allergies and kept prescribing the same steroids and allergy meds, Dr. Steinberg figured out the issue in just a couple of visits. No skin issues since. The difference-he really listened and tried to consider other potential causes. I also appreciate that he truly thinks about what tests are needed and which are not–he always tells you the options but also gives honest advice about what he feels is needed (but leaving the final choice with you). Most of all, I just feel he truly cares about your pet, considers the pet owner’s views, and is very knowledgeable and aware of advances and medications. So glad I found Bayside and Dr. Steinberg.